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Jean Claude Beck
November 1, 2020 | Jean Claude Beck

A french winemaker's first Thanksgiving

Shortly after moving to the United States I found out what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I was fascinated by the holiday - the whole country stops for one day, everything is closed, (do not try to buy at the last minute a bottle of wine )– only the cinemas remain open. 

Most people go back to their families, and me being alone in this immense country, I had no family to go to.  An American couple was kind enough to invite me to my first Thanksgiving and... the great feast of Turkey.  It all fit with the day – as it is a celebration of native people, teaching the new comers, how to eat the local fare.

I got to my new friends home very early, to offer help with the cooking and…of course…have a few glasses of wine while sitting at the kitchen counter.   I love that in all celebrations the center of the world is the kitchen.

The meal was delicious - turkey, gravy, bread-based stuffing, sweet potato mash, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. It was rustic and hearty and I discovered new ingredients and dishes.

I love traditions that involve great food, company and wine!

The day ended late with a football game, in a crazy atmosphere, but did  not prevent me from going to the mall at 5 o’clock in the morning  for the famous black Friday (my first one and my last one too!) 

I discovered America and now have a new set of blessings to be thankful for


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