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Chateau Beck

NOW RELEASED - 2018 Vin Rose

Chewy and mouthwatering, dense and rich with lovely texture.



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Wine assemblage: From noble grapes, the body of Pinot Gris. The finesse and elegance of Riesling. The grapiness and floral notes of Muscat ottonel.

Dry, bright, lively, and youthful, yet still elegant. Attractive, flattering bouquet - quite aromatic, floral scented and fruit-driven. Harmonious and well-rounded with a nicely ripe grape character. One the palate the wine is generous, soft, and supple - almost juicy - with good structure but also a fruity and aromatic finish.

Drink it now or anytime within three years. Enjoy it as an aperitif or pair it with halibut, salmon with a dill lemon sauce, lobster, crab cake, multiple cheeses (comte, reblochon, fourme d'Ambert), assorted poultry dishes, or meals seasoned with Indian or Asian spices. 

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/ 750ml Bottle
SKU: Vin Blanc

Washington Wine - Double Gold Winner

Vivacious, Floral, Harmonious - Pale orange, mineral tinged aromas of raspberry and tangerine are complemented by a subtle floral top note. Shows good intensity and cut on the palate, offering tangy red berry and bitter cherry flavors, with a touch of zesty orange pith. Finishes on a nervy note, delivering solid punch, good tenacity and a lingering citrus note.

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/ 750ml Bottle
SKU: Vin Rose2

Vibrant, Depth, Velvety

Wine Assemblage:  The finesse, elegance and power of a Cabernet Sauvignon.  The softness, warmness and velvet from Red Mountains.

Structured, rich and polished with expressive blueberry and blackberry fruit aceented by orange zest, licorice and smoky spice details, finishing with refined tannins.

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Family Tradition

I was born at harvest in the Alsace region of France, the son of a winemaker who was also born the son of a winemaker.

As my Grandfather Char once said, “I don’t want to make the most expensive wine in the world, I want to make a wine that when you sit at the table and the glass is poured you empty it and without hesitation you ask for another.”

Jean Claude Beck
November 16, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

A french winemaker's first Thanksgiving

I was fascinated by Thanksgiving - the whole country stops for one day, everything is closed, (do not try to buy at the last minute a bottle of wine )– only the cinemas remain open.  Continue »

Jean Claude Beck
September 28, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

The white wine trifecta

When I thought about creating the white blend for Le Bec Fin, I choose three varietals in tribute to my birth region in France - Alsace.  Continue »

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