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Jean Claude Beck
May 4, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

Ma Mere

As we were developing the marketing materials for Le Bec Fin I discovered that the position of the crows was very important to me.

Partly because each crow represented a one of the wine varietals, but also because the seemed to represent members of my family.

I see my father as the Vin Blanc crow – distinguished, important and the lead.  I see myself in the Rose Crow – offering my heart to friends and family.  Most importantly I see my mother as the Vin Rouge Crow – beautiful, commanding and delicate at the same time.

When all three are together, the Blanc Crow and the Rose Crow look slightly up to the Rouge Crow – as I did to my mother with respect and admiration.

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Jean Claude Beck
May 1, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

Le mois de Mai

May is my favorite month of the year and I believe the most beautiful.

It is a holiday in France - Labor day/May Day  (fete du travail) - that celebrates the worker.

I had my own May 1st tradition as a child.  I would go early in the morning to the forest, to my own secret little place and pick muguet (lily of the valley). When I came back to the village with my bouquet, I would make many stops to family and friends to give them a sprig of lily of the valley (un brin de muguet). 

This beautiful white flower is a sign of luck, love and friendship.

I feel all of those things today – as my new brand launches – Le Bec Fin.

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