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Jean Claude Beck
June 12, 2020 | Making a good wine | Jean Claude Beck

Le Vin Blanc - Why grow Muscat Ottonel

It’s on his Muscat, that you recognize a good winemaker

Why growing Muscat Ottonel ?

With a bud break about a week later than chardonnay, Muscat avoids late spring frosts, because the plant is susceptible to cold and can be easily injured, especially during blooming.

I choose to grow Muscat Ottonel for its pronounced floral aromas, and his delicatessen. Muscat Ottonel also has modest yields; the low density of the grapes ensures a highly flavorful fruit.


Muscat Ottonel profile

It has a bright yellow color. It’s a wine dominated by primary aromas.  It undeniably evokes the distinctive fragrance of grapes.  The intensely fruity aromas are complemented by subtle floral notes. Vinified dry, this wine offers a limpid and fresh texture, and give you the feeling to crunch into the grape.

A spontaneous and fragrant wine


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