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Jean Claude Beck
April 1, 2018 | Creating a brand | Jean Claude Beck

A Word from the Winemaker


Coming from a family winery in Alsace France, I grew up around vineyards and worked in the family wine business.  I moved to the states 17 years ago and began making wines for several wineries in California and Washington. Over th years, friends and fmaily have always asked me   - when are you going to create your own brand in the U.S.?

It was always in the back of my brain, create my own label and feature my  two favorite’s wines, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. The inspiration came to me recently one day when I discovered a painting of a beautiful crow, an expressive picture. In that second, I immediately saw a wine label, something different, something that I deeply loved.

A new project, a new wine project was born, Et Voila!!!

Why a crow?   They are several things that come into consideration; the intelligence of  this bird, the beauty with this mysterious dark blue night color, his elegance and his loyalty.

When you are in the vineyards you are always surrounded by animals of all kinds, including crows. I spent my whole life observing them while in the vineyards. They were my companion and ever since then  loved them without knowing it.

Harvest season they are my indicator when the grapes are ripe, when they start to pick before me the berries and enjoying them... then it’s “le temps pour les vendanges”   



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