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Jean Claude Beck
June 17, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

My Papa

My father has given me many things over my lifetime – love, support and knowledge.

His philosophy on winemaking is in my head each day.  He has a gift with the vine  - an instinct I admire.

His technique was to choose your vines carefully.

Cultivate the vine with your horse.

When you do this remember that you also cultivate peace and harmony 

Harvest the fruit at the right time and make a good wine

And distill “une eau de vie” ( water of life )

That’s my dad, 95 young and still  solid like a Rock

Bon fête papa

Happy fathers day

(that is me in the first picture peeking around my papa)

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Jean Claude Beck
June 4, 2018 | Jean Claude Beck

Yes - Screw Caps

I am very conservative about wine and packaging. It took me over 30 years to change my mind about corks versus screwcaps. I always liked the old fashion way of using cork, because of the gesture to open a bottle of wine using the elegance of the cork opener.  I also used to collect corkscrews.

On the other hand there is scientific research behind the screwcap and today they’re technically on top, very safe and clean. I changed my mind and am more and more supportive for this new tool to close a bottle of wine.

First of all you avoid many bad odors in your wine, secondly it’s easy to open, and you don’t have to deal with an opener any more.  It is easier to reseal the bottle with the screw caps, and a wine bottle fits better in the fridge with caps.

I just love it. I am breaking from tradition, for a change in a different and more efficient way, only idiots never change their mind.

From corks to screwcaps! And yes today I am a huge fan of screwcaps and I am thinking that somehow I have made your life easier.

Twist away.

Salut and cheers


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